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1 Pack Auroshikha Emerald - Smaragd

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10 pieces
3.12 USD
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Content: 9 -14 chopsticks
Weight: 10 grams
Production: hand-rolled
Origin: India
Accessories: For burning the incense, we recommend our chop-sticks-box

For over 35 years the very high quality and fragrant incense Auroshikha from sandalwood, Jeegat- and charcoal powder in Pondicherry, in southeast India, produced. The paste made of dried petals, fragrant herbs and woods, spices and resins is then rolled on bamboo sticks, dipped in sweet-smelling, herbal essences and laid out to dry. Auroshikha incense are available because of their best quality in more than 26 countries in the world. All products contain no chemical glues Auroshikha and are 100% pure nature. Thus, the incense also meet the strict requirements of IFRA (International Fragrance Association) in Geneva, Switzerland. Auroshikha waived completely on child labor and is known for his social commitment to its employees.
Please note:

Not let Smoldering incense unattended and keep away from children.
The Incense holder must stand on a non-combustible pedestal.
Make sure the incense stick holder does not tilt with the incense.
Ensure that the falling embers can fall on a non-combustible surface.

Image and text - Alles Dufte - Boris Malz

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